Mitigating against loss and receive large potential returns, all while supporting claimants who have been mis-sold by the banks.

Fully Insured Capital -

Keep your money secure. This investment is fully insured via ATE Insurance ensuring investors capital is exposed to minimal risk.

High return investment -

Receive a estimated return of 12.5% to 50% in 6 to 18 months, with full downside protection from potential loss.

High success rate -

The high chance of success against the lender should the case go to court: set at 75% by barrister.

Investment Highlights

20 Year successful track record

Underwritten insurance policy

High returns within a 18-24 month period

Average claim value of £25000

Low entry level of £4000

Regulated insurance broker with FSCS protection

How it works

Banks and other lenders have been overcharging borrowers in the UK for years. As a result there are now a substantial number of breach mortage contract claims being made against the lenders. The offer is for you to fund a breach of mortage claim which is covered by an ATE Insurance (After The Event Insurance) policy and is fully underwritten. In the unlikely event that a case you fund loses in court, the solicitors make a claim on your behalf against this policy. Your full £4,000 per case will be returned to you within two weeks of the claim.

Investor Security

Your funding of breach of mortgage claims is covered by an insurance policy and fully underwritten. The insurance is of a type called ATE insurance (After The Event Insurance). In the unlikely event that a case you fund goes to court and loses, the solicitor will make a claim on your behalf against this policy. You will receive your full 4,000 investment back within two weeks of the claim. As the insurance broker is FCA registered, the insurance policy is protected by the financial Services Compensation Scheme(FSCS).

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